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Potomac Center


Potomac Center provides therapeutic interventions in support of people with intellectual disabilities to lead meaningful lives in the community.


Provide supports and resources to Marylanders with intellectual disabilities to assist them in meeting defined needs during transitional periods in their lives.

Unique or Distinctive Qualities

The Potomac Center opened in 1978 to serve 48 children and 72 adults transferred from the Rosewood Center. Over the next 30 years plus, the Potomac Center has served as a temporary home to over 400 individuals with intellectual disabilities.

In 2009, the Potomac Center, in a cooperative effort with the Mental Health Administration and the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Administration, opened the Transitions Program. The program provides a therapeutic environment in which men and women with mental illness and intellectual disabilities, and at times substance abuse concerns, receive active treatment appropriate for their strengths and needs as well as goals and wishes. The therapeutic environment provides treatment for the mental illness and substance concerns as well as helps each person served to pursue self direction with regard to their life skills, choice of residence and vocational pursuits. The program’s ultimate focus is to help each person return to the community of their choice as soon as possible.

The Potomac Center is licensed by the Office of Healthcare Quality as an Intermediate Care Facility for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities (ICF/IID).

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